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Thread: Volatile sow substitute teechuh extreme TNB on human student

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    Default Volatile sow substitute teechuh extreme TNB on human student

    A volatile, cross-eyed, slew-footed, shite-skinned, chimney-brush hayed, retarded, avatar-worthy, ignorant crimijiggaboo sow "teechuh" apessaults human girl student. Just look at those powerful rock-crushing knuckle-dragging arms, girl is lucky to be alive. "It’s unclear what led up to the alleged assault.". But nigger parasites need no reason. They are just envious of us being humans, that is probably the cause. Mofukka, whitey ize disrespektin an opresin me an shiet!
    apessault video, i hope it works
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    And a lot of the ape bastards from shitsville (Africa) still ask me why I have such a passionate hate for the cannibal bastards. Always have and always will. Evil bastards of from satans rectum.

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