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    Default Chicago PD

    Any of you ever watch this show? I never have, but know of it, and they film it quite a bit in my Father's Neighborhood, Little Italy, near west side of Chicago.

    Anyway, they were filming there yesterday.

    And what did I see? About 50 nigger security guards in a 2 block radius, all scattered around, with their big official security guard jackets on, not one doing a fucking thing, but just standing around like fucking statues, and yeah, and like always, fucking spooks always gotta have some food in their paws. These are the kinds of jobs they typically give niggers today, and good money too.
    (Niggers ain't working for no $12/hr!)

    And all giving you dirty nigger looks as you pass them. Hateful evil pieces of shit, but of course you all know that already.

    I would've liked to spit on all of them, and then laugh. Just their existence and presence taints the ground they stand on, and the air they breathe.
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    Niggers are totally worthless; they are not called 'dindus' for nothing.
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

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    i can't take that show. The head guy that talks like he just drank drano (same guy that was in the wheelchair in Monkeyshines years ago) just gets on my last nerve.
    And since that shitbag Dick Wolf is the producer, I'm sure all of the criminals on the show are white. Just like on almost every episode of Law and Order that he also produced. He is white but hates white people.
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