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Thread: Some will never get the point....

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    Default Some will never get the point....


    Even the grammar on this nigger-praising sign doesn't make any sense.

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    They just will shove niggers in everyone's faces again and again. Fuck it!

    I have been ignoring nigger-pushing at every instance and if it means ignoring a damn sign then so be it. There are 100,000+ other roadside 'monuments' to enjoy. Look at it this way, there will NEVER be a looks-at-me nigger on Mt. Rushmore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

    Even the grammar on this nigger-praising sign doesn't make any sense.
    Emmett Till was lower than a piece of shit, and I don't understand why anyone is commemorating him. If that nigger gets a sign for being murdered, I think the poor human kids in Nashville who were tortured and murdered should get one too.

    Here's the history nobody mentions about the poooooor little nigger victim Emmett Till.

    To make an overlong story short....

    Till's daddy was a typical nigger rapist, and while daddy was in Nigger University serving time for multiple muh-dikkin' incidents, Emmett began exhibiting the same TNB his daddy was in prison for himself.

    After some questionable behavior, which means he was a rapist too they just couldn't prove it, or no one cared enough to prove it because it was nig on nig, the worthless nigger's sow mama sent little Till's sorry rapey ass from Chicago, Illinois to Money, Mississippi to get him away from the trouble he was getting into in his own home town.

    As most niggers do, they don't address a problem because it is too much time and trouble to do the right thing, they just send it away to make other unsuspecting people suffer.

    When Till arrived at his extended family's home in Money, Mississippi, they told him that he was in the deep south, it wasn't Chicago, Jim Crow laws were in full effect, the TNB monkeyshines he was engaging in didn't fly where he was then, and to both watch his ass and knock it off for his own good and that of his family.

    Like a good nigger, Till didn't listen, decided to hit on a human woman and became a rockfish with help.

    I am more than sure that the men involved were guilty, through double jeopardy there was no way that they could be prosecuted again, even if they got out a bullhorn and shouted "we did it". They more or less did do that. Was it right they killed the nigger and turned him into the bloated nigger equivalent of the Sta-Puft marshmallow coon?

    No, it wasn't, but making Till the younger out to be just another innocent nigger who dindu nuffin' is a lie too, and if these apologists who love to re-write nigger history want to make a historical sign, tell the whole true story.

    Of course, the nigger coddlers wouldn't want to do that, they have so few nigger heroes to work with to perpetuate their lies as it is.

    As a footnote, you remember the nigger funeral home that was taking the money from nigger families for burials and just stacking the corpses like cordwood in houses they owned or sticking multiple bodies in one grave? The funeral home also still had in their possession/owned the glass topped casket that Till was displayed in in fine nigger fashion in a shed with a bunch of nigger bodies and dug up caskets.

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