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Thread: Niggers abusing dogs (an everyday thang)

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    Default Niggers abusing dogs (an everyday thang)

    Dogs saved from fighting ring at drug-filled home were hungry and scared

    Just another case of animals abusing smarter animals...

    “Many of them were chained to posts with heavy chains and appeared to be underfed,” police said. “The dogs also showed signs of abuse including cuts, sores and wounds on their bodies.”
    And niggers wonder why dogs (and all other animals) are naturally programed to hate niggers...

    “They were living in very poor conditions; forced to eat, sleep and use the bathroom in the same place,” he said in the news release.
    In other words, the dogs were forced to live like niggers...

    Aaron Dejon Inman Jr., Anthony Mackmore and Saman Reaves were being held in the Craven County jail as of Monday morning, records show. They are also charged with having drugs and a stolen gun, officials say.
    LMAO Get a load of the mugshots... The middle nigger has an 18 inch long neck Anyone need an avatar?
    Niggers Ruin Everything

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    Damn, that's a nigger giraffe!

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