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Thread: Non-Coontact Day

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    Default Non-Coontact Day

    I went to the doctor, movie, supermarket and gym and had no coontacts. I say this not to brag but to point out that I live with Boston to the east, New Haven and Hartford to the west. As long as one avoids big cities like Providence, New London and Newport (not big but has a navy base) it is possible to live in a place where daily coontact is minimal. People talk about moving to Montana or the Dakotas but there are plenty of places where they can be avoided. Just do your research.
    "The Negro is a wise and noble race who carries themselves with a quiet dignity", said no one, ever.

    One day niggers will only be found in museums and fossil beds.

    Give a hungry nigger a fish, you've fed him for a day;
    Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever.

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    A day without niggers is a joyous thing to experience.
    Crime statistics prove... A nigger's gonna do what a nigger's gonna do.

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    The level of how fortunate someone's life is not neccessarily depending on the amount of wealth someone has, happiness or status the indivudual is under, but is based on how minimal coontacts the person doesn't encoonter.
    Millions of niggers thought that they will be receiving gibbz when Oobama said there will be "change".

    Some niggers believe that the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews were black, but so are skidmarks.

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