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Thread: niggers always telling people they is edumacated n' sheeit

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    Default niggers always telling people they is edumacated n' sheeit

    Have you noticed that niggers seem to always tell people they is edumacated n' sheeit? I mean every race I have known never brags or tells people they are educated. It's like trying to convince people they are smart when in reality they are dumb.

    If a human has a degree, then they have a degree. However, niggers always want to tell people "I am very educated" all the time, even complete strangers; especially when they are chimping out in public. Why do these shit skins always want to try and convince people they are "edumacated", when obviously they are stupid as shit and have a low IQ?

    I was at a Target the other day and some nigger went off and chimped out on an employee and the first thing out of this bitch's mouth was, "I am educated! I am educated!" STUPID dumb nigger.
    Is it like a tiny chihuahua dog always barking trying to prove itself?
    Niggers will always be dumb, stupid and retarded with their true nature of violence and behavior coming out regardless of a degree or not.

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    True leaders never tell people they are leaders. If they did they would not be. It stems from insecurity . Itís more like a nigger is telling itself it is Edjamakated. Deep inside even a nigger knows:

    1. It is in no way intelligent compared to humans
    2. Any degree it holds came from the lowered bar of affirmative in colleges
    3. Itís race is failing at on all counts

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