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Thread: You canít reason with niggers. Hereís why.

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    Default You canít reason with niggers. Hereís why.

    Piagetís stages of thought make it clear why you just canít reason with niggers, why niggers are unable to compete with humans intellectually and why niggers behave the way they do.

    Here is a short video explaining Piagetís work:

    The vast majority of niggers I have encountered are locked in stage 1, or a ďsensory motorĒ thought process. It explains, much-dicking, love of blasting shitty music, susceptibility to magic tricks, love of primitive voodoo type religions, ďdinduĒ denials (Iím not committing a crime at this very moment therefore I committed no crime) and countless other TNB.

    On occasion, I have run across niggers who have broken through stage one and are firmly embedded in phase 2, the pre operational phase. These are what we call ďuppityĒ niggers. Niggers in this phase have primitive reasoning abilities but are still locked in an egocentric thought pattern leading them to believe that everyone sees the world exactly as they do. They are still completely unable to internalize someone elseís perspective. THIS is the uppity nigger that will shout from the roof tops, ďthat be rayciss,Ē. They will make appearances at human events to shout unintelligible niggerbabble such as, ďblack lives matterĒ.

    The unicorn nigger has achieved concrete operational thought. The best example of a nigger attaining this phase is Neil Degrasse Tyson. Here is a link of his known publications:

    You will notice on the vast majority of ďhisĒ publications he is merely a co-author of something a human actually accomplished. Why is this so? Because through apefirmative action he was appointed director of a planetarium where ALL significant research coming out of it REQUIRED his name be attached. He did not actually produce any new information. The few publications listing him as the lead author are merely letters published in journals. He excelled at collating known information but actually produced nothing.

    Niggers in this phase are the ďcollege boundĒ types And being limited to this phase leads to the ultimate failure of niggers in the education system and why black colleges can barely achieve a 1 in 3 graduation rate.
    I believe these numbers are inflated. Not only that, I believe the value of these degrees are much less valuable than those attained at non HBCUís as HBCUís have much less rigorous programs.

    I have never heard of a nigger ascending to a formal operational level of thought.

    This is why you canít reason with niggers. You are trying to reason with the equivalent of a 2 year old human. If youíre lucky, a 7 year old.

    We can go on and on about how this is holding back the education system in America or why the prisons are filed with niggers and simply TNB in general. But that is all self evident when we understand WHY this nigger is what it is: Tens of thousands of years of being in an isolated breeding population that did NOT select for intelligence has left the nigger with the inability to compete cognitively with humans.

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    Good post and very true.

    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:


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    Nigger behavior is primitive because their brains are primitive. And the more primitive, the more moment-to-moment the thought. There is no future planning, only the immediate needs of food, sex, and immature diversion. Given the same natural resources, humans would develop and cultivate it, while the niggers would only glean the most easily obtainable with the least amount of thought. Humans would lay up excess for future troubles. Niggers just starve. Humans and niggers can look at the same thing, one will see potential, the other only wants a full belly. Like their monkey cousins, the nigger will pick a banana but have no clue how to plant a tree.
    We Do Not Accept EBT

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    The environment in Sub-Sahara Africa didn't select for intelligence, and it also didn't select for cooperativeness. Those are two devastating shortcomings in civilization.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coon's Bluff View Post
    Nigger behavior is primitive because their brains are primitive. And the more primitive, the more moment-to-moment the thought. There is no future planning, only the immediate needs of food, sex, and immature diversion.

    Niggers just starve. Humans and niggers can look at the same thing, one will see potential, the other only wants a full belly. Like their monkey cousins, the nigger will pick a banana but have no clue how to plant a tree.
    And that full belly is so often a niglet in the womb.

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    Wow!‼️ How very true. Excellent post!

    There is a touch of Piaget's theory in the famous essay "Confessions of a public defender." In it the public defender describes how the massive amount of niggers who cycle through the criminal justice system rack up multiple convections over a lifetime. He states that they lack the ability to understand they are hurting people and that they do not have the ability to understand a perspective from another person.
    In the same article he recounts a client assigned to him who is on camera beating and robbing a store clerk. The nigger kept wanting to go to trial and the lawyer kept telling him that the video would make the jury convict him to the fullest sentence possible. When asked what the nigger thought the jury would think about his actions on the video, he actually answered as completely honest as he had ever been in his life: dey won't care; she ain't dey kin; dey don't know her. This nigger lacked the ability to see the world from another's perspective. It's classic Piaget. Niggers cognitive ability stops around 12 or so. It wasn't until I moved to DC and saw what niggers really are. It's easy to see why niggers were called "boy"—they really do have a life long childlike reasoning.

    Original poster, you should consider joining the group!
    For 60 years, the jigs were given "equal opportunity" and equal access to all things in society and they've consistently shown that this social experiment was a total failure.
    Today the best gibs program for the niggers is a 1st Class, one-way ticket back to Da Mudda' Lan to never return or pay niggers to get sterilized. Even at $50k per sterilization, it would pay for itself in a single fiscal year.
    Without the burden of niggers we'd be 20 years further advanced in science & technology

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    But you can reason with monkeys

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    You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

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    Default When postulation becomes theory. Follow up by OP..

    A theory is an established postulation that exhibits predictive value. PREDICTIVE VALUE.

    Just a few short days after posting the original postulation, I came across this interview with a a gentleman by the name of Marlin Newburn; a former prison psychologist. My guess is that this video has been posted somewhere on Niggermania in the past but I think it deserves a second look.

    He discusses a concept of what he calls ďinfantalizationĒ whereby the cognitive development of niggers is arrested very early in life as parents, preachers, education systems and even politicians make excuses for young TNB. He estimates the average nigger has a cognitive equivalence of an 8 year old (a little more mature than I originally postulated. I was absolutely floored after hearing this. The entire interview is riveting and I highly recommend it.


    The important take away here is that the nigger coddling is making the problem worse. Each and every time they get away with niggardom they are emboldened to push things further. The more outrageous the TNB the greater and more bizarre the justification for it becomes as well. A vicious cycle is created.

    There is no going back either. As the black population grows, cities and towns are falling one by one. White flight ensues. Hereís the problem: thereís no where left to run. No where. I fear that in our life time, an incredibly violent event is going to take place. Black individuals committing crime has turned into black mob violence. We are one terrifyingly short leap away from armed nigger militias committing horrific atrocities on unprecedented scales and fading away into the night to say, ďI dindu nuffin.Ē

    Understanding why a human cannot reason with a nigger is a very important step in understanding the nature of this animal and protecting yourself from it.

    The original post is a functional theory worth investigating with scientific rigor.

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    Armed with these and other facts about the nigger race . . If polled secretly, over 70% of normal educated human individuals would likely agree that niggers are simply incompatible with society.

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