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Thread: I'm new here and have a concern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyjacket1861 View Post
    Niggers are repulsive. We know it and so do they. In fact the more repulsive the better their reputation is amongst other troop members

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    Hi Greyjacket1861, interesting, thank you. Wow. I just went to the hospital to get a flu shot prior to our county having another PG&E, 2-day blackout, so I'll be offline for a couple of days starting tomorrow. After signing in at the front desk of my doctor's office, I was seated and left for a moment in another office that had a Bible-related plaque on the wall, it quoted Joshua 1:9, a lovely verse. When the nurse came in, she turned out to be a turban-wearing, bossy nigger who, when I mentioned I liked the plaque and that I am a Christian, started briefly preaching to me about black hebrew Israelites, that her kind hailed, originated, from Egypt. When I reiterated that I believe in Jesus, she staunchly corrected my pronunciation, saying that His name is Yeshua HaMashiach. I told her that yes, I was familiar with Yeshua, and she corrected my pronunciation AGAIN! As she gave me a flu shot, I felt sorry that I even opened my mouth, and I bid her goodbye prior to exiting the room and hospital. Her imperious attitude irritated me and I said nothing, as she's my doctor's nurse! Thanks for allowing me to impart this information, I've nowhere else to share it.
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