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Thread: nog teacher stoping whytee student

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    Default nog teacher stoping whytee student

    I love this websight for its content, lack of PC and cool videos... this ones upsetting tho..... some of the posters i know have to be members here, might donate a little cash tot hem


    should be 20-35 years in the federal pen not just fired, may look up the court case, ahh it just happened yesterday have to wait

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    that is the first class in Popeye's tech I have ever seen

    what the dead president Lincoln said about niggers still applies today

    I have no intent on making them jurors or citizens and here we are in this day and age , full on nigger actuation

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    Bet the nigger isn't fired. The school will make excuses for him. He was having a bad day. His team lost yesterday.

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    Whatever that kid said was no justification for that woMancoon to start throwing punches like she was an MMA fighter.

    Niggers always have to sucker punch, and then kick someone when they are down in the head, even if they are not moving. The niggers love to play the nigger lottery so much, I hope this poor white girl wins the "violent nigger beat me" lottery.

    I love the comment section in the video too, no political correctness there, I believe I have found yet another new favorite place to air my disgust in the North American pavement ape.

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    When a nigger attacks a human, the news media will always lie and call it a "fight," as if the victim were a willing participant.


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    Nothing funny about this. Notice the savage holding the back of her head as it readies one of many punches. A great way to kill someone and is actually attempted murder, not a simple assault.

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    Default My kids school coonselor

    We recently moved which means a new school for my kid. He met with the counselor for the first time last week and my wife is asking about it..she asked him if it was a man or a woman. He says its a woman. My wife asks Is she pretty? My son makes this face like heís disgusted and says Sheís black. She looks at me and says Yup thatís your son lol

    Even at a young age, he has always found niggers repulsive. I didnít even have to instill any sort of hatred or even warnings about niggers, it just came naturally for him. He knows to avoid the groid and always keeps his guard up around them.

    His first coontact was on a crowded train He was only about 2 years old. A nigger sat down next to him and my wife. I wasnít there but she told me he looked at the nigger, then looked at her and declared with pure, childlike honesty, MOMMY I DONT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. Loud enough for everyone in earshot to hear.

    The entire train car fell silent and a couple of minutes later they were at their stop. She laughs hysterically at it now but in the moment she was scared as hell because she wasnít sure how people were going to react.

    To this day I wonder how many people on that train wanted to shout NEITHER DO I!

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    Here is how you prevent this kind of problem:

    Don't let niggers attend schools, period.

    Niggers don't have a high enough IQ to actually learn anything, and even if there was a half-human abomination capable of doing so, the negroid DNApe in it would eventually cause it to fail.

    Also, niggers should not ever be allowed to teach anything, for any reason, because the only thing humans can learn from niggers is that they don't want to be like niggers, in any way, shape, or form. OK, maybe that actually is something that can benefit humans, but you can just take human children to a nigger university where they can learn that.

    Niggers always fail at everything, and there is no logical explanation for why a nigger should ever be a teacher, substitute or otherwise. Except for apefirmative action, but in that case we are just pretending that they are just like us, when all of the evidence points towards them being a separate, subhuman, inferior species.

    Apefirmative action literally only exists so that niggers can get jobs that they are unqualified to have.

    When I see a nigger use its melanin magic to fly through the air, that's when I'll consider the possibility that maybe it has something to offer human societies.

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