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Thread: When Niggers Puke

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    Default When Niggers Puke

    I have two coontacts from my past that involve niggers puking and they have something in common besides niggers and vomit.

    The first was when I was in middle school, I went to a real shithole of a school in a bad part of town, ironically because it was a magnet school...two hour bus ride each way, good call mom and dad. Anyhow, the school was overwhelmingly hispanic but there were some other races sprinkled in including me and this fat butterball nigger I foolishly hung out with at the time. This porkchop must have weighed 220 pounds despite being 12 years old, and wasn't particularly tall. It had a 2-inch thick layer of fur on its head that was ever-glistening with grease.

    We were walking between classes one day and this nigger kept complaining about having a stomach ache. The nigger was almost always complaining about something so I wasn't expecting it when the nigger suddenly stopped walking, keeled over 90 degrees and unleashed a TITANIC stream of orange-colored puke all over the concrete. It was pouring out like someone had opened a fire hydrant. With one glance of that obscenity I kept right on walking.

    The second coontact was much more recent, about five years ago when a friend and I were out to lunch from work. We were in a little strip-mall where the restaurant was and there was a convenience store next door. As we were getting back into my friend's truck in the lot, an ultra-fat shambling mound of a sheboon was ambling by when my friend suddenly cried out for me to look where he was looking. The beast had also keeled over and was repainting the walkway in front of the store's doors with its concrete-eating stomach contents.

    It had been walking slowly before the vomiting began, and had had several options of where to hurl that a human would have chosen without thinking about it- on the side of the store, in the parking lot, in a nearby garbage can...but no, this bitch deliberately chose to throw up fifteen pounds of a partially-digested McDonald's "I'm Niggin' It" meal right in front of the store's doors.

    When it brought itself upright the gorilla then turned its grotesque head and looked directly across several cars in the lot right at us, even though there was no way it could have heard us in the cab of the truck with the windows up and lots of traffic all around. It gave us the stink eye for a few seconds before shambling onward in that typical nigger pace of "got nowhere impotant ta be" manner.

    In both incidents, the shear volume of nigger puke was astounding. In both cases, the niggers just spontaneously bent over and unleashed without any sense of how humans go about throwing up, sensing the build-up of saliva and the rumblings that make most of us scramble for a discreet and preferably drainable area to heave.

    Niggers are shameless, horrifying, monstrous animals.

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    "Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back." - Al Swearengen, Deadwood

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    repulsive disgusting beasts, any thing is possible with NIGGERS!!!

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    Funny you should bring this up... I was at Nigmart a few weeks ago and a nigger was standing in the entrance, shamelessly barfing all over the floor. It puked up 10 gallons of what must have been 4 Loco since it was bright red.

    I looked at it and yelled GROSS!!! I had to stop myself from saying "nigger" since there were a bunch of niggers around.
    Niggers Ruin Everything

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    I had an insta puke like that once, when I smelled nig err dog shit I stepped in.
    It came from nowhere real quick. Trust me it can happen to anyone.
    Most of the time, you may have a couple seconds to get outta dodge.

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    Niggers are nauseating. They are like living clots of diarrhoea, nothing more.
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

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    Niggers make ME want to puke.
    Crime statistics prove... A nigger's gonna do what a nigger's gonna do.

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    That nigger in the second picture looks pretty damn proud of himself after he blew up the back seat in what I hope is his homie's car.

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