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Thread: New member UK saying hello

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    Default New member UK saying hello

    Hi to all,I've joined this site because it's a beacon of free speech in a world where the truth is being burried by political correctness and liberals,I left my home town (Bradford)due to it being taken over by drug dealers,rapists,ECT,so now I live in hull and it's better as the nigger count is low.I like to read what's going on around the world and log in often for the great jokes,I'll post things going on in the UK and my views,thank you all ijr

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    Welcome aboard. I used to travel frequently to London (on business) in the late 80's to mid 90's. Such a heavenly city and I understand the English country side is the epitome of "heaven like" as well.

    It is so sad that the violent nigger plague is spreading to the United Kingdom. In Chicago USA ... they call it "gun" violence and I guess in London it's "knife" violence. As I'm sure you have observed, you're among a bunch of folks that know it's really "nigger" violence.

    ... a few things cannot be denied: black boys in London are massively over-represented in stabbings; black-on-black violence is significantly gang-related ...

    God bless and may you have a peaceful nigger free future.
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    Welcome new friend! I'm sorry that your country is being flooded with niggers on behalf of every one of your political parties.

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