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Thread: 2 niggers in 2 days

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    Default 2 niggers in 2 days

    So I make it a rule to never shop at Walmart but my job requires I go there to service equipment. The first coontact took place as I was waiting in my work truck smoking a cigarette and talking on the phone to a co worker while waiting for the pharmacy to open. Towards my truck comes a she-boon axing for help getting it into a hotel. I told it no, rolled up my window and went back to my conversation. Then at another call at Nig Mart I get another she-boon stumbling like its drunk toward me wanting to know if I could give it gas money. Again I told it no. I never say I don’t have any money, or cigarettes, or whatever it is it is axing for. Just a good firm NO!

    And don’t forget folks, remember to spay and neuter your niggers.

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    How fortunate they didn't pull a gun on you.

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    Nigs are always looking for gibs, or to size up an innocent human for robbery. Your “No” strategy is well played, and should be noted by all humans who must come in contact with the vile scum we refer to as niggers.
    “Melanzanas, they stink!”

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    When a nigger approaches me for gibs, I beat them to the punch. I ask them for money Their tiny chimp brains don't know what to do .
    Niggers Ruin Everything

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    I will tell a nigger to fuck off and get a job. And that's anytime one of those skunk rats trys to get gibs. Niggers know I'm business. I think its way I stare at them. Dead snack in those big baboon ole crusted yella nigger eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OokinSpook View Post
    When a nigger approaches me for gibs, I beat them to the punch. I ask them for money Their tiny chimp brains don't know what to do .

    NigMarts spring up like Los Angeles potholes in my current locale. Most of them are safe and convenient until they’ve been under nigger management for a few months. My wife and I used to frequent this one particular NigMart on the outskirts of town primarily because of its close proximity to our place of work. At the time, this NigMart was managed by humans, well stocked and well maintained.

    Fast forward 5 years to the same NigMart under a nigger manager:

    1) Niggers loitering at the entrance asking for money or a ride.
    2) The remaining shopping carts that weren’t stolen need overhauling.
    3) Many shelves were either un-stocked or contained wrong items.
    4) A number of products were now behind locked glass.
    5) Nigger buck and sow workers throughout the store were on their sailfoam.
    6) Products that get knocked off of shelves remain on the floor.
    7) Zero logic to product placement within the store.
    8) Numerous card readers and conveyers out of order.

    While exiting this nigger infested NigMart for what would be our last time, this blue gummed silverback axed my wife for cab fare to get home.
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    Another way is when you see a nigger approach you “axe” it for
    Money first. What passes for a brain in a nigger can’t process this and it stares for about 20 seconds then shuffles off.

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