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Thread: Fake news media falls asleep whenever niggers are the shooters

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    Default Fake news media falls asleep whenever niggers are the shooters

    11 shot with 2 in critical condition. Funny thing is the cops were right there when this went down but apparently couldn't ID'd the nigger perp and no arrests were ever made. Perfect example of what happens when a nigger-friendly police department controls a shithole niggertown . . the whole thing stinks to high heaven.


    Quote from article: "While this shooting in New Orleans was either completely ignored or severely underreported by the fake news, mass shootings over the summer in Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX received wall-to-wall coverage and were exploited for weeks. They hoped to gin up a nonexistent “white terror” hysteria and push to destroy the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution."

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    Default shootings

    Like today in Jersey. They'll just focus on the bullshit Trump impeachment. That's more important I guess

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    I knew these two weren't white. They had to be either niggers or Muslims. If they had been white, the media would have said so immediately. At this moment, most media outlets STILL haven't identified them. Remember Coulter's Law. The longer it takes the media to identify a suspect, the less chance that he's white.


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    The media will quickly bury the shootings in Jersey City and Pensacola. If white males had committed them, they'd be all the media would talk about for the next two weeks.

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    Like SO MANY others, Rashida Tlaib wanted SO MUCH for them to be white!


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