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Thread: What To Tell a Realtor

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    The lowest crime rates in florida are counties with the least amount of minorities. When I moved here I researched the racial demographics of the state and it was clear where I didn't want to live. I chose a community, a county with the least amount of non-whites, 3%. It also has the lowest crime rate of all the counties in Florida. Im retired so it didn't matter that there was a high unemployment rate, and that there was little to do here and barely any tourism. Best of all, there were very few "programs" so there wasn't much of an incentive for blacks to move here. The list of counties from the bottom up, least amount of minorities was Citrus, Sarasota, pasco, hernando, etc....
    Good luck. I love it here. without blacks in the community, my property has appreciated faster than my investment.
    I was in the Marine Corps for nearly a decade, and have lived in Biloxi, Gulfport, Indianapolis, Marion, Monroe, Cleveland, Toledo, since the military, and have lost the ability to tolerate those that cannot be personified anymore. No free programs where I live, so no niggers. I live right next to one of the last remaining "sundown towns" in America and I don't think enough blacks in Florida are aware of how concise and complete white communities dish out justice to the soulless beasts of the pasture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadhead View Post
    Why not just tell them the truth, you don't want to be around niggers?

    If it upsets them they're not someone you should buy a home from anyway.
    Exactly!!! You are the boss, the Realtor works for YOU.
    Racism saves lives.

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