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    In a world where niggers exist
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    Hello fellow nigger haters. My screen name is the punisher and I call myself that because I have some comics where punisher punishes a lot of niggers and it is vert entertaining to see these niggers get blown away in comic art.
    I've followed this forum for a long time and now now i finally created an account.
    My uncle and my dad don't like niggers since I was a kid and I also learned not to like these hideous things because all these niggers do is do their typical nigger behavior like rob, steal, murder, complain, use the bullshit race card, and all kinds of other niggetry these things do.
    I also happen to live in Las Vegas and there are niggers in the news every single day doing their ordinary nigger behavior.

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    Hi! Never been to LA, but I’ve never quite trusted all the glittery pomp it puts up. Try and stay safe.

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