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Thread: Ready to bash some groids

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    Default Ready to bash some groids

    My grandfather was never an openly niggermaniac but even as a kid I could tell that the old man had a thing with niggers. In some weekend trips with my brother he used to avoid fuxated places. He wasn't exactly the talkative guy so we didn't care much. Because I grew up in an almost nigger free town, I only had the unfortunate chance to know the true nature of niggers in college. Of course I resisted thanks to the apeffirmative action and "we're all equal" bullshit but quickly learned about the truth: that they're niggers.

    Anyways, after some time lurking around I hope I enjoy the time here!
    Remember the first rule: avoid the groid!

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    Welcome to the forum
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:

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    I loved my niggermaniac grandfather. I remember when I was 10, and he was driving, and I was sitting next to him. What else are niggers called, I asked. "Spooks, jungle bunnies, porch monkeys, spear chuckers." I laughed at each one he said. I miss my grandfather, a true nigger hater.

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  7. 01-06-2020, 07:50 AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigpanzee View Post
    It's not just your grandfather. Almost all humans "have a thing" with groids. It's a natural instinctive thing, like our instinctive aversion to filth, rotten or decomposing things, excrement, etc.

    I, for instance, became a Niggermaniac after my first encounter (as a 5-year-old boy) with a Nigpanzee. I could plainly see that I am not "equal" to those disgusting apes.

    Call it "soul", "reason", "human essence", or whatever you like. There is something inside us, humans, that distinguishes us from those simian beasts.

    An intelligent child of 8 could easily see that he/she is both physically and mentally different from groids. (See:!)

    Welcome aboard, btw.
    Couldn't have said it better myself. My first coontact was with the she boon that was 'taking care' of my grandfather who had a stroke. He was quite incapacitated while it robbed him blind. I can't say, even at five years old, my dislike for niggers was born, but it was defiantly sealed.

    My parents weren't very vocal about their dislike of groids but I it was there. Fifty years later, I still can't stand the filthy animals. I always say, that if one has an open mind,
    they know in their hearts that niggers our our natural enemy and destroyers of everything humans hold dear

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    My dad was from the south, North Carolina to be exact, and he and his mom, my grandmother, whom I called Mama Ruth, detested niggers. I remember when young, my French boyfriend Herve' came over to visit for the 2nd time, and he asked my dad, "Hi Ray. How are you?" And my dad's response to him was, "I'm okay. I still hate niggers." We laughed and laughed.

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