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Thread: Affirmative Action Niggers

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    Default Affirmative Action Niggers

    Now I'm not a feminist, but I definitely saw that within nursing there was a tendency to promote men quickly and to promote niggers quickly. So if you were a nigger *man* i.e. male expect to be promoted quickly, and f*** patient safety or nursing satisfaction. The thing is, I saw white men turn down Charge Nurse positions 6 months in, because the CN is someone you want to be able to go to if you're unsure, scared or confused, someone with experience, especially in ICU right?? Well... not if you're a nigger...

    So I've mentioned Jerome before, he was named permanent charge 6 months out of nursing school and he was a fuck tard, with a community college associates degree (btw not necessarily a negative in and of itself) In contrast, I graduated top of my class with a Bachelor's and didn't charge for 7 years even though I had a reputation for top flight knowledge and critical care certifications... But anyway...

    Examples with this fucking nigger. So he would stay after giving report to brag about himself after his shift (a sure sign of bad assery right? Lol) and this one night he's saying, yeah, now that I'm permanent charge I got this bad ass truck, I got this extended cab elevated lalala I'm the first college graduate in my family hell yeah, blah blah blah. And I say to another RN, this dumb shit will wreck this truck in 5 seconds.

    So about a week later he comes in LATE, and I'm like, hey why aren't you ready for report??? And he gets all PISSED (I swear to fucking God this is true) saying, I had to get a ride ok??? And I'm like, oh? What happened to your TRUCK??? And he's like, THAT INSURANCE TRYIN TO SCAM ME YO, DON'T WORRY IMMA FIX DEY ASSES. So get this, by the time he calms down, I get him to tell me it's a diesel truck, but he put unleaded in it by "HOLDING THE METAL PART THING OPEN" Hahahaha

    So another time, I think I've mentioned before although I was charge I would work pretty much anywhere anytime so one night during Christmas I open an overflow unit in a closed area, and during the night I open a computer and find a dating profile for "BIGPIMPIN69" with his frickin legal name!!!!! And pix of his dingus!!!!! I kid you not!!!!

    So what do I do???? Screen shot that s***!!!

    And a couple weeks later at an upper level staff meeting, he decides to vigorously disagree with me, with his inexperienced, retarded nigger ass, and I just turn and say, "Really, Big Pimpin 69? Because I disagree strongly, with screen shots."

    And everyone in the meeting was confused as to the end of that argument LMAO
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    I could listen all day. I love the medical coontacts!

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