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Thread: Big Sheboon Stink in ED

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    Default Big Sheboon Stink in ED

    I worked for an ambulance company some years back, we got a call to get a sheboon to therapy from an Emergency Department (ED) of a local hospital. Looking at the notes there is bold letters "patient is agitated". MAJOR FUCKING UNDERSTATEMENT. WE get to ED and sure enough hear our boon chimping out across a 100 yard long ED floor. I look at my partner and we both have the "fuck me" look. AS we are walking to the source of the sound with a stretcher, every nurse gives us a smile and a cheer - never a good sign. The ED is absolutely packed, every room is taken and new patients coming get put in hallways around the ED sometimes on mobile beds and sometime on stretchers. This happens to be the case with our Boon. We finally arrive on scene and collect ourselves. The Sheboon is 400 lbs. spilling out of a bariatric bed, its body is covered in the nastiest looking white fungal flakes that reek to high heaven. She is in stage 2 Chimpout, covered in a sheet and gown that's too small for the beast. It's throwing papers and water cups "I'm hawngry, where eez ma food bitches ?! I'been here fo 3 hours, where is ma nurse, where be ma drugz, I NEED MA DINNER !" The nurses are purposefully dodging her avoiding the entire general area, the charge nurse is nowhere to be found, and both of us are cussing that we didnt don full body suits. The bursts of fearful stench escape every time it flails its arms or disturbs the poor air seal of the blankets.

    We had to explain to this thing that we need to collect paperwork while running for our lives to get Vicks and cow birthing gloves (surgical up to elbow). We finally find the charge nurse, get the paperwork and very nicely ask her to bundle the monster whale we are about to get fucked with. I must have blacked out the trauma of moving that thing from my memory, I just remember playing a game of How Many Clorox Death Wipes Can You Use on every surface she irradiated.
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    Just copied and sent to my nephew who is in between milkings right now.

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    Better you than me. I couldn't work in health care and have to deal with disgusting niggers. I work in an auto body shop and that's bad enough when I have to deal with niggers who are so stupid you lose brain cells trying to talk to them.

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