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Thread: The framers of the constitution were white.

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    Default The framers of the constitution were white.

    The framers of the constitution were white. They created a Republic that would be the envy of everyone else in the world. These Europeans designed, defended and maintained this union. And now, those that have never contributed anything to this country are giving the rights and liberties away that they never earned for themselves. As soon as we allowed immigration of non Judea-Christians, we set ourselves up for failure. When Americans were forced to personify the subhumans and to tolerate the adversaries of Judea-Christian religion, we were already infiltrated by foreign ideas and enemies.
    Reform welfare and the democrats lose everything. Since everyone on the left likes to play identity politics, let's remember who pays the bills. There is a democrat faction, niggers, that make up 13% of the population, with Medicaid financing 85% of their births but only netting a contribution of 1% of the total GDP. Then there is another democrat group that has been demanding special rights for their unnatural depravity and mental disorders that make up less than 4% of the population. There is another group of celebrity "democrats" complaining about Trump, but have been voting conservative and Republican behind the curtain since they became millionaires. How about the 100 Million legal and illegal immigrants in America, do you think they are voting for less free stuff or more free stuff? The lack of meritocracy and the abundance of toleration has eroded the standards and values of America. We've allowed the bar to be lowered, and all we had to do was promote diversity and desegregate the population. Since 1962 the people of this nation have been limited, governed by the progressive acts of discriminating against a skin color......white. The framers of the constitution were white. They created a Republic that would be the envy of everyone else in the world.
    Wouldn't you have guessed that the sheep prefer a politician over a business man? A politician lies and tells them what they want to hear and a business man negotiates for the best deal and pulls the plug on programs without a return or profit. How long would California survive without the rest of the nation subsidizing their epic economic policy failures? If black culture is so great, tell me where on earth that is predominantly black is a great place to live? Which MLK boulevard is safe after dark? If slavery would have proved profitable than Brazil and half of South America that had ten times the slaves as America, and all of west african nations, should have gold paved streets and brazillian and bloodzillions of dollars. Slavery wasnt profitable, so they arnt rich bitch. Blacks have 1500 professional athletes and almost a thousand other celebrity entertainers, while producing less than 1% of all white collar workers, out of 40 million blacks in the USA.
    Next month we'll hear about all of the great black inventors without hearing that there were already patents for similar innovations before the forced personification of their species in our Republic. Ive seen the ineptitude of them in our military. A lot more pizza boxes on black marksmen than crossed rifles. Still, even with a growing population of assimilated blacks their community still blames their lack of financial success and impovershment on racism. White people didnt get special rights from affirmative action programs, and dont receive half as much per capita as the blacks do in social welfare, but it's still white man's fault. It is actually. We should have never allowed our communities to become diverse. Abe wanted all of the emancipated negroes to be deported. Currently black Harvard graduates want their own segregated graduation ceremony. Full circle. You know what they don't want? To be audited for performance and understanding. The bell curve was supposed to help blacks in school after desegregation but all it did was lower the scholastic standards for all the white people. With all the handups and handouts you can never expect more than 10% of them niggers to pay their own way. Just not enough contribution from them to cover their racial demographic's Medicaid expenses, let alone the public a$$istance for all other social and civilized needs, or pay for their overrepresentation in criminal courts, incarceration and anti-social behaviors that require more law enforcement personel to police them. Why do so many blacks still speak a broken english? Why do they hold on to the chirping and click clapping of the slave tongue? What "race" of people have the lowest life expectancy and have the highest percentage of STD's and terminal diseases? The whole "we was kingz" bullshit cant be proved because they didnt have a written history. Who still lives in mud huts in other parts of the world? How many niggers still enslave niggers in African nations? It wasnt white babies with bloated stomachs and flies in the eyes Sally Struthers was campaigning for. Tell me again about the "good ones". Cosby, OJ, barry, and then explain to me why blacks in America as a group are the richest blacks in the world!!! Tell me how the black man made this Republic better. You cant. Tell me how blacks have changed pop culture and Ill agree that they made it worse, and American society is worse for them. Blacks commit more crime, not because of poverty, but because they are not fully human. They have had the greatest opportunity to excel in this Nation, but the majority of them want a free ride, and they overbreed because it's free and there is a monetary incentive for them to procreate, even if it is just to create more criminals for the next generation. Blacks are overrepresented in prison because blacks make bad decisions more often than whites do. Any black that hates America can leave. We know that you will never pay back all of the welfare you burden society with, nor will you made amends for the trespassess that you commit. When i see black politicians, black teachers, and black judges, I know that the collective intellect of those communities are diminished and the toleration of the whites that live there is irrational. If you want a logical decision, dont ask a black person. If you need an emotional response without restraint, they are the easiest of all subhumans to fire up.
    Tell me again how happy muslim people are in their Islamic lands? Must be a bunch of black in those sub-Saharan degenerates too! Why do so many immigrants from socialist run and ruined countries want to come to America? All of these inferiors compromise the fabric of American values and are contagious to young minds that are undeveloped. What can we expect from several generations of diverse Americans? It's not class! There is nothing classy anymore. What do we consider sophisticated today? There was a time when professional athletes, entertainers, were fired for misconduct because they didnt set a good example for the public, the youth especially. Now we watch runningbacks commit crimes on CCTV and then a few games later make millions running with the ball again. Celebrities used to be smart enough to keep their political opinions to themselves for fear of losing their fan base. We lowered the standards so much that millions of illiterates are graduating high school. The most popular musicians cant read or write music......illiterates. Journalism is dead. 200 channels on the TV and nowhere is there an unbiased news source. Newspapers are still for puppies and bird owners. The overrepresentation of the least of us, the constant urge by the media for interracial copulation, and the alphebet group, proves that this nation is more secular than the GOD fearing founders could have ever imagined. So much peace and comfort that most dissenters are objecting to the victories of war in American history that has allowed them the right to object!
    100% of the people hating on TRUMP, Need someone to blame for all of their shortcomings, ineptitude, failures and inability to succeed. These folks have been pampered and pandered to. These folks didn't produce during barry's administration either. Some of these older leftist have hated their lives and decisions that they made during the Clinton years. Really, we have it so good in America, in that it's easy to spot the inferior life forms; 1} they tend to only put $5 at a time into the tank while their $1k car stereo blares rap noise and rumble scat, or 2) they have rainbow dyed hair and deny their biological gender while screaming at their iPhone because their favorite degenerate is voted off a scripted reality show, or 3) it's the 40 yr old college graduate still paying student loans while wearing their college's football jersey celebrating the illiteracy and criminal activity of the non-academic athletes that received scholarships, or 4) cant speak english, refuse to learn our language or understand our laws and want their failed ideologies to be implemented in this nation that they didnt fight for or defend.
    Don't be sad, several white generations ago, smart men knew how to rope in the efforts of all the inferiors without the government subsidizing the inept. There are only a few things the Federal gov is supposed to be responsible for and handing out golden tickets to the losers are not one of them. Delegated (sometimes called enumerated or expressed) powers are specifically granted to the federal government in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. This includes the power to coin money(which they dont do anymore), to regulate commerce, to declare war, to raise and maintain armed forces, and to establish a Post Office. Remove the incentives of welfare and let's stop propagating losers with low to no aptitude. I don't like Trump's personality, but he has proven to be less politician and the best President in my lifetime. It may be a ritz cracker (eddie/Raw) reaction, after suffering through two terms of a lying disbarred POS muslim, but I'd take the dumb bush back instead of any democrat. Yeah, Id rather have Crowley's retarded offspring then ever allow another democrat to steal from productive people again. At least everyone born in America has known who Trump was since the 70s, definitely the 80s. Whether you liked him or not, you knew where he came from, what his business was, and what failures and accomplishments he created. After 8years of barry and Michael, a liar and fraud, and after the uppity b.s. empowerment of the least likely to actually pay income taxes or even make enough to ever pay welfare off, after inciting subhumans to kneel for the anthem that FREED their ancestors, all the while the universities are producing libtarded schitspawn incapable of anything other than emotional dissonance, lowering the tangible value of degrees of those that graduated before them, and worst off removing GOD from our schools, eventually our homes, without enough nuclear families to revere the intentions and warnings of our forefathers, I feel that it may have been lost long ago, before there was a me.
    Thank you America. Maybe it's past time to fix everything, and some things have been lost forever, but I am blessed to be a natural born citizen, to have actively served in defending the constitution, and survived long enough to see the errors that were made in amending it.
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    More concise,please. Too long. I hate niggers.

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    Paragraphs are your friends!
    Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the feral African Nigger beast has invented nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Not a written language, a weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. It is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for its own use.

    The only things Niggers do well is to leach off of and annoy humans.


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    While not trying to, or wanting to be a grammar Nazi, let me say the written form here could have been done better, but the truth of your post shines like the midday Sun. Well said! Niggers always have been and always will be an albatross around the neck of human civilization as long as humanity continues to allow it. It is time to put the brakes on their free ride. Everything legal that can be done to cut off niggers and provide them incentive to leave the USA should be done.

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