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Thread: "Willie Dee" LOL

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    Default "Willie Dee" LOL

    I remember my buddy in Chicago telling me a story, where one day he was in Traffic Court in Chicago.

    Anyway, after a lengthy time passed, he and just a few spooks were left in the Court Room. A few seats down from him was some old silverback groid who had fallen asleep.

    Anyway, the spook finally came to, and then raised his hand and asked the spook Judge why his name hadn't been called?

    So the Judge asked him what his name was, and the sleepy groid replied "Willie Dee"!

    The Judge said "I called your name 20 minutes ago, "Willie Dee, Willie Dee, where are you Willie Dee?!" LOL

    Of course in nigger-babble, this story sounds much funnier than it reads.

    I never forgot ole Willie Dee!

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