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Niggers don't need bullshit like this to feel good about themselves. Niggers think they're hot shit, and it's programmed into their DNA to think so. People who think niggers are "just like us" just don't get that. They know that if they were niggers, they'd hate themselves, so they imagine that's what niggers think. Nothing could be more wrong.
Truer words have never been spoken! Niggers have toxic levels of self-esteem and each one thinks it's a Kang or Kween and thus is royalty that everyone should bow down to, defer to and "respek." That's a major source of their chimpouts when they feel that they aren't being treated like God's gift to the earth. Even the scummiest, filthiest, most diseased, ignorant, stupid, crack whore nigger who's knuckle-dragging down the sidewalks in the hood stinking to high heaven thinks this way. I iz speshul, I iz impawtant! I iz betta dan ennybody else! Y'all goan respeks me!
Niggers exist in a delusional state of mind that is so deep-seated, chronic and incurable that even Sigmund Freud would throw in the towel and declare them hopelessly insane.