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Thread: Irish Humour Another WIFI code lol

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    Default Irish Humour Another WIFI code lol


    Nigger Oghenetano John Uwhumiakpor, who arrived in Ireland from Nigeria, via Finland, (BTW Nigger mistakenly ended up in Finland first) in 2006 as an asylum seeker following his blocked Sow, trying to get elected in Irish politics, So he can introduce nigger policies so he can Niggerfie Balbriggan.
    The Niggers Sow named Bridget??? has spawned six niglets since arriving in Ireland.
    Bridget??? had a nigglet ready for spawning when she landed in Ireland first, no doubt she held on to that liitle niglet like someone with explosive diarrhoea so it could be born in Ireland and given Irish citizenship
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    Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa—rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.

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    The only black Irish I've ever seen were the niggers on Notre Dames feetsball or bakkaball teams

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