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Thread: Bernie wants to cut your pee pee off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Drink and Fried Chicken View Post
    Maybe Bernie wants to have that giant penis on top of his shoulders removed and a vagina installed in its place.
    Well, given his ideology, Bernie is fucked in the head.

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    First of all, I’d like to get a little off topic from this thread for a moment and express my gratitude for the whole 2020 election section of the forum. We’ve had some great discussions so far. Many funny things have been said, and some intelligent thoughts have been shared.

    Now, to tie my statement to this thread. I wanted to share this article because although I’m not at all surprised by it, I am knocked on my ass by the terrifying stupidity which comes from it. My intention was to bring up a rather concerning topic using satire. I very much appreciate everyone’s responses, whether they are meant to be funny or serious. I mean it, you all are great, and I highly respect the comments. Two responses in particular have left me in much thought today, written by Niggermortis and Tom. You guys are spot on 100%. I do feel it to be very unfortunate that you see our country this way, but it is well warranted. I can only sadly agree with you. However, I would like to attempt to shed some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not convinced we are completely done for. Although we have seen a lot of bad shit happen, and that shit trending downhill at a pace which seems to move more rapidly as time moves on, there is hope.

    I myself wasn’t a Trump guy. I voted for Senator Cruz in the primary. I felt and still feel he’s a very solid guy, especially when it comes to the constitution. I thought he’d make a great president and I still think he will. But not now, not yet. Now is not his time. By the time the general election came around, I moved and wasn’t able to register to vote in my new area in time for the election. Although I did support Mr. Trump at this point because “anyone but Hillary,” I didn’t get to vote for the Donald. And I was skeptical. There were things I didn’t agree with. However, after a little time, I saw that what he’s doing is working. I see a base that’s energized. I see a Republican Party becoming energized. When I went to a DJT rally last month, one thing really struck me. The president was talking about deregulation. He talked about removing regulations from dishwashers. Today’s dishwashers are regulated to use less water and electricity for the sake of being green, but they are terrible at washing dishes. Here’s a man who has people to clean his dirty dishes for him. Yet he still can see a simple problem of ours. It’s all about an overreaching government. So he wants to deregulate. He also mentioned the CFL lightbulbs we were being forced to use over incandescent lightbulbs. All in the name of being green, an overreaching government was banning fucking lightbulbs. The replacement, bulbs filled with toxic mercury which work for shit. So he wants to deregulate those also. And the last one I’ll mention is cutting back on CAFE standards for new vehicles. Although cars are safer due to supplementary restraint systems, manufacturers have been using extremely light metal and plastics in order to meet higher fuel mileage standards set forth by an overreaching government, all in the name of going green. They cannot withstand much of an impact. Cars are virtually destroyed from a small hit, endangering their occupants. With loosened fuel economy standards and regulations, cars can now be made with stronger metals and still be incorporated with today’s safety features, making new cars better and safer than ever. This, my friends, is the track our country needs. Less government restrictions. And finally, we have a president who will work for that, and a party that will work with him. This is where I see hope. It’s a start towards greatness. Keep your heads up friends. Things are going to get better. Sure, we won’t see all the niggers shipped back to Africa any time soon. And will still face many other great challenges. But I do think we’re on the right path. Sorry for the lengthy post. Thanks for reading and responding.
    “Melanzanas, they stink!”

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack2520 View Post
    God created man and woman, not shemale and he-she!

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    Just like brack 0'dog shit going to promise us every thing to the niggers and the other life forms.

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