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Thread: Why Niggers Suck!

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    Angry Why Niggers Suck!

    Considered as the lowest rank of all races,they are pretty dangerous and they are really fuckup sob.I just wondered why YTs accept those mofo shit and help them? How much did UN spent on Africa to help em out?How far has Africa developed till today?Still piece of shit.The land is god forsaken land.On the other hand, Japanese were badly hit by Americans during WW2 but see today, how have they rose from zero to hero? This is the difference of races.

    Fuck those niggers and stop helping them.Let them rot? You might feel sympathy now but for the long run, you will benefit your newer generations.You want your mom,daughter and all females related to you to be raped by mofo nigger? Hell yea?, we should Stand Up and Speak up man! Taxpayers in states dont pay for niggers welfare k, they pay for what they deserve and not helping those HELPLESS NIGGERS.And Americans? Wake up man, i respect u guys but u disappoint me for electing a fuck Nigger to b ur mofo President?You know Niggers are not human and humans should not elect animal to govern a country.Humans make mistakes but this is Big mistake especially for Americans.

    Niggers are just trouble makers and they are our invulnerable terrorist or stealth enemy.Because the world practices human rights bullshit.Who are those who carry most HIV viruses and spread around to innocents? Who are those who do all the crimes on daily basis that terrorize the neighborhood that niggers live.What do they have for in return for the world's favor to help em? Nothing but terrorizing and disturbing the neighborhood.Niggers never learn.Can they be more polite and less aggressive? No! Because they are natural.they are beast creature.Scientist should stop researching on mutants and research more on niggers because they themselves are mutants of human.They have different genes ,so they speak louder,laugh like a chimp,act like a beast,bigger skulls,bigger lips and uglier face. Mutants.

    Niggers are basically helpless,i suppose every nigger is.They do everything other common people do except good.Their mind is totally opposite.Bad is good and good is bad.That is why they are dangerous.

    A nigger place is never a safe place.For example america,uk and those countries infested by niggers.You would not walk around at night at niggers neighbourhood bcos they are dark, u cant see em and they prey and backstab from behind.Dangerous huh? Comparing with countries with less or a very small percentage of niggers...Korea came to my mind.Koreans can walk on the middle of park at night with almost zero risk but Americans in nigger neighbourhood walk out at night with risk.See de difference?

    So u think niggers are rich? This remind me of illegal activities done.Crime is their main source of income.Somalian pirates attack ships for ransom.Nigerians do their favorite Nigerian scam thru email. Other niggers would be drug dealers and all other illegal activities you think of. This is their job and this is the dark side of the world.Sad world.I want peace, i dont want niggers around man... they are just worst their a cockroach that i kill.Nigger money are dirty and dangerous money.So,traders and businessman out there never deal with niggers if u dont want to get into trouble.They never have good mind due to niggerism genes and they are fucking lazy and they always look for easy money and dirty money.

    Niggers are parasites.They leech and leech without paying back.Ok, im Chinese.Immigrant in the States. Fair?But Chinese are epiphyte.We borrow the place,we work hard we share success with the country.Niggers feels they own the land and terrorize for their own good and government pay their welfare for their good job or terrorizing the nation.See de difference?

    Well, ive much more to say bout Niggers.Catch u guys soon.

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    Check out nigger senator Burris. The coon got caught lying about the Burris scandal now they're about to investigate the nigger. In a news conference when they asked the nigger about it the nigger said,

    "I told the trufe".

    The senator axually said the word "trufe". I thought higher up congress-like niggers at least made an attempt to speak correctly. Apparently when under stress the boons slip up and the inner coon slips out OOPz.
    Check out nigBama the next time he gets caught offguard. That's when you'll hear him unconsciously resorting to nigger babble words too.

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    Yea, they keep telling us Africa is the oldest Civilization{?}. And they're still chucking spears.

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    Default thank you!

    I cant tell you all how happy I am to finally find a group of people that hates NIGGERS as much as I do.....OMG! They are literally subhuman. I have tried very hard to get rid of this prejudice but literally every single day some NIGGER validates my attitude towards them as whole...subhuman, violent, rude, racist (ironic, I know) and just plain old animalistic! They only care about showing off, pretending to be the alpha male, sex, stealing and then blowing money, downgrading anybody else, including other niggers...... I could go ON and ON but any reasonable person with common sense (which is no longer 'common') knows EXACTLY what I am talking about. This planet would be a better place if they never would have sold each other into slavery....okay, rant over. Stay safe ya'll!

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    Default Feel the Love

    It's nice to see people of all races posting in this forum. It demonstrates the solidarity of a world that universally recognizes n niggers as a plague that affects the human world.

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    I know that niggers suck because they costed me my job in November 16,2001 (my birthday no less) reason why I overheard a ShitSkin ook "Iz's wisps (wish) thips (this) plaace (place) tob (to) cloebs (close) three months earlier over and over again and it was a LPN (license practical nurse) I'm not sure how it got that particular license because it was sitting on its fatass ordering takeout and making personal phone calls from the company phone along with the other SHITSKINS instead of taking care of the patients who need their medical treatment and a lot of patients has died because of refusing to help them (all humans)
    Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
    (If You Want Peace Prepare For War)
    True Words From Frank Castle (The Punisher)

    The Punisher: Those who do evil to others - the killers, the rapists, psychos, sadists - you will come to know me well. Frank Castle is dead. Call me... The Punisher.

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