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    I was on the bus (where most of my coontacts happen) on my way home from work, and there was some old homeless looking nigger with a cart with a tattered old vcr box and some other boxes piled on top of each other tied to the cart. Everytime a fellow nigger was around, he would hand them a card and say "Visit my website and read my story of how I {unknown mumbling (I never heard what he said at this part because he always said it almost as a whisper)}, both the published and unpublished versions are on there". That was the exact line he used on every nig he gave the card to, and he actually spoke half decent English, no nigger babble. But he never offered a card to any white person.

    I overheard him giving his line to some nignog, and the nignog said he read the old nig's story already because someone gave him that card. Old nig asked what the story he read was and nignog said it was how old nig went to Grenada and did some niggery nonsense (didn't really pay attention). It was prob some nigger witch doctor voodoo or some such shit because the old nigger looked like he would engage in such niggrosities. It was obviously some mother afreeka nonsense because he just wanted his fellow niggers to hear his story.

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