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Thread: Link to seriously interesting article -- Niggers and their lack of morality, etc.

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    Pragmatist Guest

    Default Link to seriously interesting article -- Niggers and their lack of morality, etc.

    Howdy. My title might suggest that the article is a vanilla type of name-calling rant that also points out the obvious sub-human traits common to the Groid. But that's not the case (you won't see the word "nigger" in it). It's written by somebody who has some unique insight into Sambo's mind. The article is scholastic and well researched, and it supports everything of a purely factual nature that Mr. Shelly has so painstakingly put together on this site. it's a bit long but well worth the read. Bottom line, things will never change for the Groid.


    For some reason, this article also caused me to recollect Noah's curse on Ham and particularly Canaan (Ham's sprog) where he said he would be the slave of slaves. It made me think that Noah was speaking less in terms of a curse and more as an observation based on the facts he was witnessing.

    Then, unfortunately, it became introspective and made me think that I might be just as far removed from Adam's pre-sin state as Ham's unfortunate shitlet was removed from Noah.

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    Pragmatist Guest

    Default Another tidbit about this article

    Although this article is packed with useful facts to help argue the case of nigger inferiority, the author describes one case in particular that sort of makes one laugh and cry at the same time. He talks about some formerly liberal hippie type who committed the mortal sin of mating with a groid and producing a pair of nappy headed high yellers. As the years passed and his half-groids grew, he finally took a look at some of the data including some of the sources this author cites in his article. He's been forced to admit from personal experience and observation that he's now got a pair of pseudo-offspring that are cursed with limitations no amount of liberal wishful thinking can overcome. Really makes one wonder how it must feel to wake up one day and have to acknowledge that one has sprayed his genetic future into the putrid toilet that is a nigger's muh pussy.

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    Default American Nigger Lovers

    What a waste of effort. One word can explain all the crap you are saying

    Stay away from them - they are not Humans - Niggers Destroy Humanity - Niggers latch onto other races for survival

    Niggers have got America Fucked!

    I live in Africa - Believe me when I say, "America - there is no way out from your Nigger Takeover. Racism is ripe in every Country infected with them". You have far too many Nigger Lovers there who will never understand what the problem is. White Americans turning on White School Children for ranting about Black being Stupid. Niggers are stupid but they will still screw you over. You are too busy starting wars in other Countries to notice there is already one in yours.

    To all you Nigger Lovers - Come live in Africa for one month. If you survive, you will go back to the USA a changed Human

    Niggers are a Vile, Disgusting and very disturbed species


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for sharing. That article explains intelligently what we already know, but, it is so well written that it should be a required read for all americans. I think we should just leave them all to do what their gonna do. They would kill each other, die from aids, or just be buried alive in their own filth. Let it run it's own course and maybe the problem would take care of itself, and then one day when it's so disease ridden that all that's left are sick and dying, burn whatever's left and sterilize the whole country.

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