Howdy. My title might suggest that the article is a vanilla type of name-calling rant that also points out the obvious sub-human traits common to the Groid. But that's not the case (you won't see the word "nigger" in it). It's written by somebody who has some unique insight into Sambo's mind. The article is scholastic and well researched, and it supports everything of a purely factual nature that Mr. Shelly has so painstakingly put together on this site. it's a bit long but well worth the read. Bottom line, things will never change for the Groid.

For some reason, this article also caused me to recollect Noah's curse on Ham and particularly Canaan (Ham's sprog) where he said he would be the slave of slaves. It made me think that Noah was speaking less in terms of a curse and more as an observation based on the facts he was witnessing.

Then, unfortunately, it became introspective and made me think that I might be just as far removed from Adam's pre-sin state as Ham's unfortunate shitlet was removed from Noah.