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Thread: A Brief History of the World

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    Default A Brief History of the World

    After much thought and study of history, I came up with the following very brief history of the world (No human bashing intended). After learning much, I discovered that just about everyone, everywhere, did -something- of note. Except... well, have a look at my notes.

    A Brief History of the World

    10,000 BC

    Stone Age. Everyone was living in mud huts.

    4,000 BC

    The Bronze Age starts. Sumerians develop writing, mathematics, civil laws, astronomy, invent the wheel and the sail boat. Various settlements created in Europe and Asia. Nothing much happens in Africa, oddly enough.

    3,000 BC

    Various civilizations expand and conquer. China begins to be ruled by a monarchy. Egyptians build pyramids, which will stand for the next few thousand years. Egyptians thrash a bunch of niggers, who din' do nuffin.

    2,000 BC

    The Iron Age starts. Alphabet developed. Iranian civilization spreads by the use of the chariot, which revolutionizes warfare. Greek civilization starts to rise. Some niggers protest at Egyptian raycizum en sheeit, and chimp out. Later on, the Egyptians conquer the Nubians, although no mention is made of water hoses being used.

    1,000 BC

    Greeks begin classical antiquity and develop profound philosophical thoughts that endure to this very day. Celtic civilization flourishes in the rest of Europe, while Asian, Chinese and Japanese civilizations continue to grow. Egyptian civilization grows decadent as niggers mingle with Egyptians and get equal rights en sheeit. Towards the end of the millenium, the Roman Empire is established, building such things as roads and aquaducts that are so well built, they're still in use two thousand years later. Meanwhile, Africans still live in mud huts and bathe in cow urine. Africans bees keepin' it real, gnomesayin?

    1,000 AD

    Vikings expand their civilization and discover the Americas. Niggers gaze at the sea, shrug, and go back to flinging poo. Roman Empire has significant influx of niggers, and goes into decline. Japanese population increases sharply as they develop agriculture. Niggers fling more poo at each other. Mayan civilization reaches its' peak, Anglo Saxons rule much of Europe that isn't part of the Holy Roman Empire. Some niggers see their neighbouring civilizations have spears, and decide to sharpen sticks and throw them, instead of poo. (Many niggers still fling poo, however.)

    2,000 AD

    Human civilization reaches its highest point. Mongol hordes sweep across Asia and claim a vast empire. French and British empires fight for dominance. Columbus discovers America, and the continent is colonized by Europeans. Some cleverer niggers, possibly armed with spears, defeat stupider niggers, and sell captured niggers as slaves. Some are used as farm equipment, and eventually are freed and start muh-dikking white women. Middle Eastern civilizations who took slaves long before the white man set foot in Africa have no such problems because they took the precaution of castrating their farm equipment first.

    Other wars include the Crusades, the American Civil war, and the two world wars. Niggers rely on chucking spears, flinging poo, or protests of "Ah din do nuffin!".

    Great advances are made in literature, chemistry, physics, in just about every sphere of human achievement in fact. Meanwhile niggers still haven't discovered writing or the wheel, and while other civilizations develop world-destroying nuclear weapons (sort of like very very big spears, or very very large handfuls of poo, only, much worse), while niggers still live in mud huts.

    Just before the end of the millenium, some niggers muh-dikking monkeys invent AIDS, and because they all muh-dik each other, AIDS spreads rapidly. Nigger lovers in America grant snivel rights, thanks to some marching looting coon who had a daerm or something. Crime in America spirals out of control, with niggers (13% of the population) committing 57% of all violent crime. Mass chimpouts occur, but TNB is no longer reported in the media.

    Countries like Mozambique, Rhodesia and South Africa are handed to niggers, as fully-built and fully functional countries. Within a few years, these are reduced to penniless, disease-ridden basket-case shitholes.

    Cities like Chicago, described as the Paris of the West, become full of niggers, and along with Atlanta and Detroit, slip into decay and ruin.

    Meanwhile, in Africa, niggers din do nuffin, and continue to live in mud huts and bathe in cow urine.

    By now, you'd think the pattern of niggers producing nothing and ruining everything would be recognized, but oh no. No. In 2008, a nigger gets elected as the President of the United States, and promptly sends the national debt from a piffling few billion to several trillion dollars. But the nigger boy din do nuffin, gnomesayin?
    More and More Humans are waking up each day. It cannot rain forever. And when the sun shines again it will truly be a glorious day.

    No Retreat, No Surrender, No Mercy.

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    Well it's true you know. The nigger din do nuffins.
    He din go to work, He din make his hooptie payment, He din pay the rent to own tire and wheel store,
    He din pay for the stereo he stole, or the bike.

    The nig did do one thing though, He acted like a nigger. gnomesayin?

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    In other words, mankind was doing fine until niggers screwed it all up.

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    that was fucking epic, cheers!

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