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Thread: Sweet lady in Cleveland murdered by feral mob of teen robbers in her driveway!

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    Default Sweet lady in Cleveland murdered by feral mob of teen robbers in her driveway!

    SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio - A 17-year-old has been charged with the beating death of a 65-year-old South Euclid woman.
    Police found Jacqueline P. Gavorski facedown in her driveway in the area of Ardmore and Sheffield roads early Saturday morning. Witnesses told South Euclid police that she was robbed by a group of teens (you know what that means!) while coming home from the grocery store.
    Police said the group was spotted on surveillance video behind Alesci’s Deli on Mayfield Road going through Gavorski’s purse. Four people were taken into custody, but only the 17-year-old was charged with aggravated robbery and murder.

    The Cuyahoga county Medical Examiner’s Office released the victim’s cause of death on Monday. Gavorski died of blunt impact to the head with skull fractures.
    Gavorski was described by neighbors as a nice and wonderful woman, who even bought Christmas gifts for some of the neighborhood children.
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    A good friend of mine recently left this town (South Euclid) because of the niggers.
    And since I found this forum, he reads it too. And he laughs like a motherfucker.
    George Zimmerman should not be tried for a crime. They should give him a medal.

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    Let us review, shall we ...

    Mob of feral niggers attack an elderly white woman at her own home ... check.

    No mention of the victim's race nor a photo (with a name like Gavorski she's obviously white) ... check.

    Mob referred to as "teens" ... check.

    No mention of the arrested nigger's race nor a photo ... check.

    No national media coverage, even though the slaughter of the most vulnerable whites -- elderly lower middle class white women -- by the jungle beasts is an epidemic and a national disgrace ... check.

    No mention or even a hint that this was another ape-on-human hate crime ... check.

    No demonstrations by angry whites, no outrage expressed, no white politicians addressing this slaughter ... check.

    Okay, all things seem to check out fine ... just another day in Obongo's Apemerica.

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    Par for the course here in Cleveland. The chimps like to "3 on 1" older folks because they're easy prey. Bunch of chickenshit scumfuckers.

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    Our senior citizens have become a source of income to the lawless feral niggers,much like after the Civil War niggers have gotten out of hand again.In A country of over 300 million ,not one old nigger sow has been killed by non blacks and the media continues to ignores the fact that the attacks and murders of white senior citizens have become common place at the hands of niggers!
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