Barack Obama was in a gay-marriage (3 photos)

Opposition politician Jerome Corsi, after early photos of the President, announced that he was in a gay-marriage with a College Roommate.
Alleged husband of President Obama was his College Roommate.

Photo of his Husband :

Writer and activist of the opposition movement the tea party Jerome Corsi made a sensational statement, catching the acting head of the United States Barack Obama in a secret homosexual relationship with roommate during college at Columbia University.

I have been collecting records and documents and I am sure that I have enough evidence to say: our President is likely-the hidden homosexual.

My job is not to condemn the Obama, but rather to understand why it took so long is concealed, "said Corsi on his blog.

Barack Obama's years of study at Columbia University, wore a wedding ring.The politician has a number of early images of the future President and brought forth a clear pattern: a few years before getting acquainted with his future wife, Michelle Robinson Obama constantly wore a wedding ring.According to the official biography of the President, he married only in 1992, and became acquainted with Michelle in 1989. But the shots since 1981, Obama flaunts the ring finger, which clearly is not a souvenir or official insignia of his institution, the author said.

Ring on Ape's finger :

.At the same time, Corsi said the unusually close relationship the American leader and his roommate in New York , Soali Saddiki , a Pakistani Citizen.
Obama, during a visit to Kenya in 1987, also photographed wearing the ring.

I have examined a few photographs of Obama practically sitting on his boyfriend's lap. Who would like to, if it had not been lovers?! says Jerome Corsi.

Photo of Ape with it's Grand Sow in Apefrica :

the Politician, Barack Obama is full of life "mysteries" that prevent voters fully understand his political abilities as a leader of the State.