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Thread: Augh! They're coming whether you like it or not!

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    Default Augh! They're coming whether you like it or not!

    New York city thinks up to 40,000 people may be relocated due to home destruction and power outages and perhaps 20,000 have to be permanently moved. Whatever the case a lot of "temporary" housing is needed. Now mayor Bloomberg probably figures he can eliminate a lot of low class nigs and move in more useful tenants into new and more costly rebuilt housing. Regardless, the meat-mixers will likely move the darkies into all white neighborhoods just to screw with YT. Regardless of that there will be thousands of displaced and demented coonuloids out of their safe cocoons. They will be naturally stomach-turning obnoxious at the low class end and dangerous as snakes in a frog aquarium otherwise. There should be near social and criminal hysteria in and around New York city and New jersey for a year.

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    That's what happened after Katrina. The niggers were shipped elsewhere and ruined the new areas they infested. Crime, filth, drugs, destruction, typical nigger results.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:


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    Ship them to Libera

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    Default Bad enough but worse weather coming after election

    Due to weather induced polling problems and nigs being displaced from their usual welfare lifestyles we would expect a certan increase in disaster related violence. It is happening but the media refuse to show it as they are Nigbama pimps. The Drudge Report will give a fast rundown but a lot of it will never get into the news. The real problem is if Big Coon loses the election, and there is still post-election polling at storm emergency voting sites, the tree dwelling bipeds will be howling in chorus about fraud and intimidation. They will also be provoked by the storm which will hit by Wednesday thus soaking their fur further.They will be incited by pack leaders like Al Sharpscoon and Jesse Jackscoon. The weather will dampen their fury but expect trouble when the mating season warm weather hits and they are out seeking vengeance for losing the election.

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