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Thread: "Ah tawt her everythin' she noes"

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    Default "Ah tawt her everythin' she noes"
    The backslapping yawnfest that is the oscars regularly spits out all manner of luvvies. This one tries to be one of a kind... shirley bassey. It seems the boon has partaken in one too many vats of wine, as it seems to be rather confused.

    Well, more than normal, anyway. I have no idea what it's ooking about, other than it's decided it taught Catherine Zeta-Jones how to dance.

    Truly a momentous news bulletin, methinks...
    Media says "WTF?" - Niggermaniacs say "TNB"

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones taught Shirley Bassey how to pick cotton and STFU. Whinning nigger babble, bah!
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