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Thread: Will they fake the election results out of fear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wampus View Post
    It's all the fault of people who don't have a conception of reality...Who in their right mind would vote for a person who has terrorist ties (William Ayers)and is a closet radical muslim...plus the fact that he is a socialist and has only been in gov't for 145 days...He won his senate seat by having his opponents disqualified...He also came out of the Chicago political scene where graft and corruption are the norm....He also has questions about his true birthplace and has backed some real shady african leaders. He grew up around people who are communists and he is still friends with them...That alone should be enough to make people not vote for him......Notice that not one time did I mention that he is bl*ck....So it's not the racism that libs are trying to push on us...obama is a sham and a corrupt individual who should not be president......People will see that if he is elected...be prepared for the USSA (Union of Socialist Suffering Americans)

    BTW..... One of his main goals is to send Billons of dollars to Africa in aid...through the corrupt United Nations..that amounts to giving our hard earned money to the criminal leaders of the African states. None of the money will be given to help starving people it will go in the leaders pockets and kickbacks will be given to UN leaders just like the oil for food scheme.....Bend over America and let obama tell you what's good for you....
    Only a nigger could figger out a way to send more$$$$ to afreeca, than bush.
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    "The media has put more make-up on this shoe-shine boy (obongo) than Tammy Fay Baker ever had!"
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton
    before the nigger scene got rotten, swing away, swing away, swing away, nigger boy

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