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    saw this on MTV's Ridiculousness!! This is a must see!! best version availbale--just more proof that niggers are inhuman---TNB

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    the nigger on the panel ...his dumb ass don't know what to say .
    Sickle Cell Anemia-- Pro's and Con's
    Pro-It's a blood disease that only effects subhumans.
    Con- It takes to long.
    I HAVE A DREAM TO...a world without a Damn NIGGER in it.
    Always remember Boys and Girls ....A NIGGER is Never your Friend

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    The nigger is probably used to keeping a few plates in there.

    This brings up the thought that TSA guards at airports should be required to inspect niggers' oral cavities before boarding. They could be hiding a bazooka in there.
    If I had a house nigger, it would look like Obama.

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