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Thread: Beckley WV-white male pastor, 68, beaten to death in home invasion by she-beast

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    Default Beckley WV-white male pastor, 68, beaten to death in home invasion by she-beast

    Camille Brown, a 19-year-old student at West Virginia University, was charged with murdering Cool Ridge Community Church pastor Ronald Browning, 68, in his home after confessing to the crime, police said.

    Brown was taken to the Southern Regional Jail after she allegedly broke into a home and tried to bite a police officer on Saturday. Found covered in blood, urine and feces, Brown told police she had murdered a man with gray hair earlier in the day.
    The woman reportedly lives on Westwood Drive, a street away from Browning’s home on Odessa Avenue.
    "The most disturbing factor in this case is the fact Browne and Browning did not know one another and her motive has yet to be determined," Beckley police Detective Morgan Bragg told Reuters.

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    Shit-beast lives DO NOT MATTER that's why we have toilet paper.

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    Seeing the definition of sadism is I guess one thing, but niggers put into practice like no other race on the planet. These families that have to deal with the pain of these monster out of control pavement apes; there are no amount of words or comforting actions that will bring back their loved ones. And what do these monster monkey anus meat crusted tar fritters get? Free luxury living at NU for the next 25 years who don't have to work for a dime! WHY WHY WHY????

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    Rest assured people.
    At the trial the nigger's lawyer will conjure up the bullshit defense about how the white victim raped the nigger one time before, called her " a nigger" , or denied her help when her car was stranded any of which would have justified and fueled the murderous rampage.
    Bet on it.

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    Found covered in feces, tried to bite a cop, a "student" at the university, and a murderer... so much wrong there. Typical of a nigger, but so WRONG! I thought WV was the whitest state in the union? This nigger "college student" crap has to stop! Dogs go to separate obedience schools. Niggers should go to separate obedience schools. The fuxation of colleges is OBSCENE. These things are NOT HUMAN. How is that not OBVIOUS to everyone on this planet?

    That poor victim Another sacrifice to this SICK GAME of PRETEND.
    Homo habilis allegedly went extinct 1.4 million years ago. Or did it ?

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